About Jen


Jen Bio PictureJen’s Arm Candy business started in Costa Rica, where she and her husband lived for 4 years in their early 40’s after leaving their corporate-America jobs. They learned to live more simply and more meaningfully, and also had time to pursue their passions.

While visiting the beach town of Jacó, Costa Rica, Jen fell in love with a bracelet in a boutique shop. She bought it and wore it 24/7, never taking it off. She was amazed with the quality and durability. And promptly wanted more! She went back to Jacó and scoured the main street and all the little shops relentlessly, but was never able to find the exact bracelet, or anything even close. Distraught, but not ready to be beaten down, she tenaciously set about researching how to make one for herself. After several attempts, she did it! Soon all her friends were wanting one too, and her “arm candy” shop was born.

Jen is an Amazon best selling author of Costa Rica Chica, her first book, and has since published a few more:  (all available here on Amazon).

In 2017, Jen and Greg summited Mount Katahdin in Maine, finishing their thru-hike of the entire Appalachian Trail. They have since hiked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Bartram Trail, the Colorado Trail and the Ice Age Trail. They documented all their thru-hikes with daily videos on YouTube and posts on Facebook.

In 2020 Jen and Greg opened “Chica & Sunsets Hostel” in Franklin, NC, where they cater to hikers on the Appalachian Trail and Bartram Trail. Check them out here!

Don’t stop making new adventures (or buying my arm candy)! Pura vida & happy trails!

Send Jen a message:  jenbeckseymour@yahoo.com